The 3 Types of Skills You Must Emphasize During a Job Interview

By Yahia El-Maghraby

job searchIn the job interview you have the chance to accomplish one of your dreams of getting the job that you want. By preparing for the interview you are getting as close to this accomplishment as you could.

It is important to be able to think as an employer, so that you can say what your interviewer wants to hear, what he wants to be done, and act the way he (or she) likes.

As an employer you’d want a professional candidate who is (a) good at what you want him/her to do, (b) easy to get along with, and (c) can bring to your business an advantage over the competition.

And your job is to send a message to your interviewer that you are all of the above three together. Here is how.

a) Present your hard skills:

In a typical job interview there will be questions directly related to the type of work you’ll be doing once hired. These questions are your chance to prove yourself as the best candidate to do the job. The preparation for this type of question might require some revision of your knowledge in your field, in addition to any extra skills you might have acquired on another job, in a workshop, any related training, seminars you attended… etc.

b) Integrate your soft skills:

Soft skills are those that you have acquired in your life, and that you’ll need to accomplish your job. That includes professional use of computer and the most common software in use in your field, communication skills, interpersonal skills… etc. Don’t under estimate this type of skills. If you don’t tell your interviewer that you have them they are not going to guess it.

c) Personality skills:

This depends on the job you are applying for. You might be required to be a team player to fit in a group that is already working, or you might be required to have leadership and management skills if you are going to supervise that group. Whatever the personality required for the job you’ll need to send a message, both with words and your behaviour, to your interviewer that you have those skills.

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