Body Language Says a Lot in Job Interviews

Interview Secrets

By Yahia El-Maghraby

Body language is the only universal language that every body understand no matter how different you think they are. In the job interview body language could have a direct impact on the interviewer decision. Be prepared with your body language, as well as your oral answers, to avoid any negativity and to enhance your chances of getting the job.


When you walk in for your interview you should be friendly with everybody in your way to the interviewer. And the best thing to show how friendly you are is to meet every one in the company with a smile. Your interviewer in particular must see your smile first even before you say a word. A smile will change your tone pleasantly. Try to keep your smile throughout the interview. I know it’s hard to, but at least keep your smile as long as you are aware of it.

Don’t Fidget:

Nervous habits, such as biting nails, playing with your hair or jewellery, moving your legs nervously, or changing your facial expressions a lot… etc. are going to send a message to your interviewer that you are not being yourself during the interview. The possibility that you are hiding something might affect the interviewer’s decision.

Do whatever you think might help you calm down completely before going in the interview room. Arrive early and relax in the reception, or have an herbal tea that you know helps you calm down… whatever you think will work, do it.

Shake hands:

Shaking your interviewer’s hands when you first walk in and when you are leaving has a great impact on their decision. A firm, warm, and friendly hand shake might be all what it takes to set you apart from your competition. It sends a message that no words can explain about how eager you are to work with them.

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