7 Deadly Mistakes You Have to Avoid During Job Interviews

By Yahia El-Maghraby

There is an old say that goes to everything you do in life, including job interviews. That is: “The better prepared you are, the better you will do”. Being prepared will give you confidence and will help you focus on other things in the interview that could make a difference other than the questions themselves.

Part of preparing for the job interview is to know what not to do. There are 7 deadly mistakes that if you do one of them your chances of getting the job will be lower than if you don’t do them. These 7 mistakes are:

1. Never mention any personal or family stuff during the interview. That extends to any political or religion issues. First of all, your personal matters and your believes are none of the interviewer’s business. Telling him/her might open the door for personal attitudes that might affect their decision.

2. Never discuss salary, benefits, vacations…etc until you have a job offer on the table. If you are asked about your expectations for the salary give an open answer like “I prefer to discuss these issues when there is a job offer, but I know that the expected salary for my job is in the range…….. to………”.

3. Never mention any negative in formation about yourself. If you are asked though you can give an answer like this: “I am aware of my weakness in……………. area, but I learned……………….. from it”. Dress your negatives positively.

4. Never mention any negatives about your former employer(s), co-workers, or workplaces. If you are asked about why you quit your former job you might give an answer related to advancing your career than avoiding negativity in your previous company.

5. Never chew gum or eat candy during the interview. This gives a message that “Hey, look at me… I am very unprofessional”.

6. Try to avoid any nervous habits you might have, such as biting your nails. You are expected to be nervous, just don’t over deliver the message with biting your nails.

7. Have control on your body language. Your posture, gesture, and hand movement say a lot that might not want to say voluntarily. Try to keep your hand movements to the minimum without looking like you are frozen in your chair.

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