3 Types of Job Interview Questions You Must Be Ready For

Interview Secrets
By Yahia El-Maghraby

Job interview questions can be divided into different categories. The most important three categories are: situational questions, behavioural questions, and technical questions. It is important for the employer to know about these three sides of your personality before they hire you. Your technical skills are important, but also being able to behave well with your coworkers and your ability to take the right decision in difficult situations are just as important.

Situational Questions:

Such questions usually start with something like: what would you do if – how to handle a – if you are given – if so and so happens in… etc. The questions are usually designed to measure your ability to take the proper decision in the given situation probably because it is one of the situations that repeatedly happen in their work place.

The ideal answer to such a question is: “When I had this situation in my previous job I did….”. This answer, if applies to you, will send a strong message to your interviewer that you are experienced enough to handle such situations, contrary to theoretical answers.

Behavioral Questions:

In work places where you have coworkers, and when you have to deal with the public, you’ll need to be able to behave in a way that makes everyone, including yourself, comfortable. A typical behavioural interview question starts with “Tell me about a time when..” or “Can you give me an example of…?”. The best answer to such a question is to state the problem, the action you’ve taken to deal with it, and the result of this action.

Technical Questions:

Technical questions represent the employer concern about your competence, especially for fresh graduates or new immigrants. You might qualify for the job in terms of credentials, but maybe you don’t know how to implement what you’ve learned. Employers are only asking these questions out of fear of the unknown. If you can prove yourself competent you are breaking that fear and helping your interviewer make the decision of hiring you.

Be brief, to the point, and confident. This is all what it takes. Knowledge have been deposited into your mind over the years, now it’s time to put this knowledge to action.

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