3 Job Interview Skills You Must Have to Win Your Dream Job

By Yahia El-Maghraby

Winning a good job is one of most pleasant occasions in people’s lives. When you get to that interview, it’s your chance to fulfill your dream and get the job that you deserve. But only if you pass the interview.

To get short-listed for the job you need to acquire Job Interview Skills. But first you need to know your goal that you want to achieve in the interview.

The job interview skills that you need are those that can get your interviewer(s) consider you as a competent, likable, and someone they can’t forget. So let’s focus on what you need to learn in order to print this picture of you in your interviewers mind.

Skill #1: Be Likable

The most efficient thing you can do in order to be likable is your smile. A smiling face is a pleasant face. Give them a first impression that you are a smiling person from the moment you walk in the company. Also keep a friendly eye contact with your interviewer(s) throughout the interview. Shake their hands both when you meet them and when you leave, and always mention their names in your greetings.

Skill#2: Be Memorable.

If you want to be memorable you need to be positively distinguished from all of your competition. Try to make everyone you see in the company remember you by your smile and calling them with their names. This practice builds rapport, even before the interviewer(s) try to initiate it.

Think about it. When a candidate comes for an interview and you are the interviewer, if the candidate shakes your hand with a big smile and says “nice meeting you Mr. Edwards” and does the same while leaving saying “Thank you for your time Mr. Edwards”. Would you, Mr. Edwards, remember this candidate or the other one who sat there answering your questions?

Skill #3: Be Competent

A competent candidate will answer all of the questions in a way that make him/her look as the best fit for the job. In order to do that you’ll need to prepare well for the interview by practicing on the job interview questions.

Nervous about the interview? Job Interview Secrets. It is the one book you need for this purpose; practicing on the job interview questions.

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