3 Crucial Activities After a Job Interview to Maximize Your Chances of Getting Hired

Interview Secrets

By Yahia El-Maghraby

After the job interview there is no much you can do about what you did or said. But the worst thing you can do is to do nothing about it. Although not much, but still you can do something.

There are 3 things you have to do after each interview you go through:

1. Evaluate your interview:

Do your interview evaluation immediately after you go out of the interview. Don’t wait until you go home. The more you wait the more you’ll forget about it. On a piece of paper draw a line in the middle to form 2 columns; one for what you did well, and one for things you need to improve for your next interview. At the top write the company name and the date of your interview.

2. Write a “thank you” letter and mail it in:

Don’t email your interviewer. Print your letter and send it by regular mail. In your letter thank your interviewer for their time and how you enjoyed learning from them about the job and the company.

This is your chance to mention anything that you forgot, or didn’t have the chance to, mention during the interview.

3. If you don’t get the job:

If you don’t get the job don’t just move on without trying to know the reasons. Make a phone call and ask for a few minutes of their time to give you feedback on your performance in the interview. This will definitely help you on your next interview.

Whatever happens to you in this life could benefit you in a way or another, but only the wise ones will know how to benefit from their losses.

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