Employment Vs Slavery

By Yahia El-Maghraby

My parents used to tell me that I need to get high grades in the school, graduate from the university and get a secured job, then plan for buying a house, establishing a family, and be successful. And it turned out that it’s not only my parents, everyone in my generation was brain-washed to believe that this is the way to be successful.

The funny thing is, my grandfathers were businessmen, and most people were either self employed professionals or business owners in their generation. What in the world has changed their way of thinking? Well, it’s the world wars I and II I guess, and how they negatively affected most business owners and professionals. People started to think that there is no security in business and that employment is the solution. This is what they passed to the next generation, my parents’ generation, and this is why this way of thinking became the norm of my generation.

But if we go back in history a little bit more beyond the WWs, maybe a bit more than a century, before the banning of slavery, the idea of employment did not exist the way we know it. When slaves were being used to carry on the farming and manufacturing duties in the industrial revolution, there were no employment as we know it now. Professionals were being employed by task, but never for years or for life. Some management positions were being filled by some of the educated people who could not own businesses for financial issues.

When we compare employment and slavery we’ll find only one thing missing in the relationship between the slave or employee at one side, and the master or employer on the other side. In slavery, the slaves were unwillingly doing the jobs, while getting food, shelter, and clothing (the basics) from their masters who become wealthier. The employees, on the other hand, are willingly (as if they have the choice) doing the job, and getting money from their employers to pay for their food, shelter and clothing, while again making the employer wealthier.

So it’s only the money that was missing in slavery, which makes the only difference from employment. You might think that freedom is priceless, which it is, but why compromise your freedom and trade it for money? And what money? Employees pay the highest percentage of income taxes ever. And for retirement, employees invest in their 401K or it’s equivalent, taking 100% of the risk, and paying 100% of the invested capital, to pay at least 80% of their earnings to the bank!

Where is the freedom in this? My call upon all employees, make owning a business your goal, and work on it as hard as you can. This is when you will really enjoy your freedom.

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